QUODD Announces Key Data Partnership with HWA International

QUODD Financial Information Services has announced a key data partnership with HWA International Inc., a provider of trust accounting software to wealth management firms, family offices, banks, trust companies, IRA’s, CPA firms, special needs trusts and not-for-profit foundations.

This partnership will provide HWA’s clients with QUODD’s Universal Data solution, an end-of-day market data service fueling global pricing, dividends, corporate actions and reference data on comprehensive asset classes. Complementing this service is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform called Universe+, which is utilized to support research, daily price exception and data validation reporting.

“We want to offer our clients robust market data solutions that meet their workflow needs in the delivery mechanism of their choice,” said Javier Jimenez, CEO of HWA International. “QUODD stood out to us as an excellent data partner because of their high-touch customer service and ability to deliver high-quality, timely and cost-effective data that can be easily customized with the least friction.”

“We are thrilled to team up with a trusted software provider like HWA with solutions that are specifically designed to equip back- to middle-office professionals with tools they need daily to service clients more effectively,” said Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “Our partnerships are designed to help the end-clients that are requiring timely and accurate information whether used as primary or back-up of mission critical market data content.”

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offers Speed and Efficiency


“Amazon Web Services (AWS) has allowed QUODD to move faster than ever, while driving operational efficiencies and reducing overall cost of doing business for our clients.”

– David Kirk, Chief Technology Officer, QUODD



The team at Converge led by Gregory Reisert, a Client Executive with extensive market data experience, identified and recommended Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud provider of choice due to the fact that AWS could address QUODD’s strategic goals around company growth, improved EBITDA, and innovation driven by modernization. This IT solution was aligned with QUODD’s future growth goals.

The key to successfully migrating QUODD’s current workload was support of multicast network streams along with an education and operational model that established a comfortable timeline for migration and use of AWS.


QUODD Partners with DAS Trader to Provide Comprehensive Market Data Suite to Traders and Brokers

QUODD’s Real-Time Full OPRA and Corporate Actions Data Fuels DAS Trader

QUODD announces a key data provider partnership in the online trading space. This partnership combines QUODD’s comprehensive offering of real-time full OPRA and corporate actions market data with DAS Trader’s innovative trading software to provide the trading community and brokers with a full end-to-end trading experience.

The market for online trading software is growing and traders are choosing providers who can give them the best experience at the greatest value. “We chose QUODD as our data partner for full OPRA data because of their ability to deliver the full OPRA universe with low latency through their flexible API technology,” says Karen Gentile, CEO of DASTrader.com. “The comprehensive and timely Corporate Actions data sets from QUODD allows us to maintain      complete and accurate security master data for our customers.”

“The continued growth of the online trading space aligns itself nicely with QUODD’s mission of providing market data fuel that is easy to access and cost-effective,” says Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “We are very excited to partner with an innovative software provider like DAS Trader and look forward to playing a part in their growth.”

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How Technology is Making Data More Accessible 

Thanks to greater accessibility to financial data, new companies are sprouting up at an unprecedented rate. This burgeoning of fintech entrepreneurship, from online trading and advisory platforms to financial gaming simulators to sandbox developers creating their own APIs, was made possible by technological advancements. 

Just a few years ago, the massive volume of data being consumed for these applications was inconceivable. The good news? Technology has democratized data—and paved the way for a plethora of data vehicles and streams. 

Here are 4 ways that technology is making data more accessible.

Reliability. When trade executions form the foundation for your work, you can’t miss a quote or a price from the exchanges. You certainly can’t afford to lose a few minute’s or hours’ worth of trades. The latest data streaming technology ensures reliable up-time—making interruptions, hiccups, bottlenecks, and buffering a thing of the past. But there’s a caveat: your bandwidth needs to be right-sized. Too little bandwidth can result in a compromise to reliability. Too much bandwidth can result in paying for more than you need.  

Accuracy. Not only do you need a reliable stream of data, but that data must also be 100% accurate—or you could end up making poor decisions or finding yourself on the wrong side of a trade. Technology makes it possible to obtain high-quality data, with no lost packets or dropped information. New processes normalize data so that everything is recorded and subscribers capture each quote and every trade.

Usability. Innovation acts as the jet fuel for the new products and services coming onto the market, and as well as helping incumbents maintain a competitive edge. When usability is cumbersome, complex, and opaque, it stifles innovation. One of the biggest advances in technology is the ability to plug-and-play, requiring little development on the user’s end. Easy to understand documentation creates greater transparency and gives rise to financial data applications that are easy to use and easy to implement. Rather than taking weeks or months to implement, users can get the feeds they need up and streaming within a day or two. 

Affordability. Cost has been one of the biggest hurdles for new entrants and new products. And for decades, that’s the way the large players liked it— working in favor of both the monolith end-users and legacy infrastructure. Even today, providers like Bloomberg and Thompson have yet to notably scale back their fees because they’ve built the infrastructure that requires huge cash flow to support. In contrast, newer technologies don’t have the heavy investment of their legacy competitors. With fewer infrastructure costs, new financial data technologies can run leaner and pass savings onto users. 

Find a Data Partner Who Can Provide All 4

Each of the above aspects is critical. One without the others won’t get you far— barring extremely deep pockets and the absence of time pressures. But that’s not how the real world works. Fintech companies get pressure from investors to control costs and go-to-market quickly. Regulatory, compliance, and customer pressures make reliability and accuracy must-haves.

In vetting your options for providers of real-time, reliable, high-quality data, look for a partner that meets all the above criteria— and more. As we mentioned in reliability, a true partner will guide you on how much bandwidth is right for your needs. For accuracy and usability, you are one step ahead of the game when your financial data provider normalizes formats across exchanges so that it’s easier for you to view and use. For instance, QUODD puts all data streams in the same format. This clear data mapping makes it easier for sandbox developers to use the data to create trading applications. The result? When APIs are simplified, any developer can integrate them into their application or system. 

And whether you are a long-established firm or a fintech start-up, you are always looking for your most affordable option and ways to be more cost-effective. Unlike legacy financial data providers, QUODD was built for the modern marketplace. By providing all infrastructure, including hosting and having data centers to house data, end-users are alleviated from investing in infrastructure on their own. This built-in flexibility facilitates any scenario for any type of user.

Technology has hastened the speed of innovation, opening the doors to new products and players. With our proven proficiency in providing high-quality data and expert guidance, QUODD’s technology can unlock accessible data across your applications.

Equity+ Quick Tips: Introducing Universe+

Our Equity+ Quick Tips webinar series demonstrates tips and tricks for optimizing your workflow. Our most recent video features our newest product, Universe+ designed specifically for mid to back-office workflow needs.

In this video, we’ll show you how you can get fingertip access to:

– Validate daily price evaluations and exceptions
– Access current and historical reference data
– Create custom templates for bulk data downloads

Learn how Universe+ is revolutionizing the workflow needs for the middle to back-office professionals.


QUODD Announces Record Sales and Year-Over-Year Growth for Q3

Key investments in technology are fueling demand for QUODD’s market data feeds and digital products.

QUODD Financial Information Services (“QUODD”), a business unit of Financeware, a NewSpring Holdings platform company, today announced record sales and year-over-year growth for the quarter ending September 30th.  The company said it is experiencing strong momentum as organizations look to reduce their market data costs, and work with vendors who are leveraging the latest technologies that are not beholden to legacy systems.

Highlights of the QUODD’s performance include:

  • Year-to-date sales up 130% over last year
  • New customer sales are up 100% from last year
  • Apex Fintech Solutions partnership launch in Q3
  • New market data and technology partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • New product releases geared to the middle to back-office operations, risk, and client servicing professionals

The rise of online trading platforms is democratizing consumer access to the market. Providers are choosing modernized providers like QUODD to help reduce the total cost of ownership for flexible, timely, and quality market data. QUODD’s customizable approach to market data positions the firm as the premier vendor for innovative companies like Apex, Blackbox, and iFlip. “QUODD’s flexible licensing, affordable pricing and Vendor of Record capabilities enable us to seamlessly scale our solution set,” says Dustin Kirkland, Chief Product Officer at Apex Fintech Solutions.

QUODD has doubled down on its investment in both product innovation and technology to meet customer demands for a better digital experience. “Through our commitment to adopt new technology we are able to move faster than ever while driving operational efficiencies and reducing the overall cost of doing business,” says David Kirk, QUODD CTO. “Our strategy is very agile and allows us to adapt and evolve all aspects of the data delivery ecosystem to meet the needs of our customers.”

“We are able to execute on our transformative product roadmap faster thanks to the investments we made in 2021 into our technology process and platform,” says Justin Van Til, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy for QUODD. “In early 2022 we will be launching a digital experience that dramatically improves access and affordability to global pricing and reference data for middle to back-office stakeholders.”

“The demand for QUODD’s suite of market data products has grown exponentially over the last year due to the transparency and ease of use we are bringing to the market data experience,” says Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “We will continue to invest in our delivery methods to provide comprehensive, global information in any format with the greatest quality, timeliness, and service levels in the marketplace.”

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Lower Cost of Ownership with High-Quality, Flexible Market Data

While fees have decreased, the cost of financial market data has risen. This is a troubling disconnect that constrains your competitive edge. The legacy model of data delivery requires subscribing to comprehensive sets of data, regardless of the securities of interest. In contrast, innovative technology is quickly changing how the world operates, offering opportunities for more tailored options. Financial market data delivery is one area ripe for a higher-service, price-flexible alternative.

New technologies democratize financial market data delivery

Building on what were once-new technologies, the largest data feed players have grown to dominate. Theirs is now a one-size-fits-all approach—and with it, they command market share, generating massive revenue streams. Their plans don’t typically differentiate between sprawling financial enterprises or RIA boutiques: recipients get the same package, give or take. And while technological advancements have made it easier to collect, capture, store, and deliver data, the pervading business model continues to restrain both flexibility and affordability.

In contrast, newer data delivery providers are not tied to a traditional platform. Because there are no legacy concerns to work around, these next-generation cloud-based offerings can harness innovative technology—and offer welcomed nimbleness and affordability.

Doesn’t it serve you better to have an extensive library of global market data to pick and choose from? Rather than having another entity set format, wouldn’t it be ideal to have your data customized for the way you’ll actually use it? With a flexible model, your data partner can provide a competitive advantage, enabling you to use the money saved to enhance client servicing, marketing, analytics, and growth initiatives.

The future of financial market data

Here at QUODD, we see a new future: one that’s driven by value, not the dictates of others. One that puts end-users in control of the financial market data they receive and how it is delivered. And one in which when you ask a question, there’s a QUODD in-house specialist on the other end to help—just the way you service your best clients.

To ensure we service your market data needs these are the 3 solutions that we offer:

  • The Equity+ Securities Workstation for RIAs, equity dealers, investment advisory firms and traders. Customize your dashboard to view market quotes, charts, news, and fundamental data from any device. Provide the customer service your clients want and make more informed investment decisions. And when you need support, QUODD’s team is readily available.
  • Real-time data for financial institutions and fintech service providers and developers. Ultra fast data feeds from all North Americas securities exchanges. Use QUODD APIs to fuel your applications.
  • End-of-day data to support financial institution mid- and back-office operations. Global, customizable, affordable—start your trading day with information on pricing/evaluations, dividends, corporate actions, and reference data terms and conditions on equities, options, mutual funds, ETPs, international funds, and fixed income.

More flexibility. Greater customization. Better service. These factors are what help you compete. Let QUODD show you how we can fuel your business with affordable, comprehensive financial market data.

Real-Time Market Data from QUODD Financial Now Available on Apex Platform

Apex and QUODD have entered a strategic data partnership to provide Apex clients with direct access to valuable financial market data that drives investing and trading applications

Apex Fintech Solutions (“Apex”) and QUODD Financial Information Services (“QUODD”), a business unit of Financeware, a NewSpring Holdings platform company, have announced a strategic data partnership to offer access to real-time market data feeds to deliver pricing information and Vendor of Record services.

Apex’s network of clients, which include online brokerages, institutional traders, traditional wealth managers, digital banks and wealth-tech providers, and consumer brands, is expected to benefit from QUODD’s comprehensive offering of market display data and Vendor of Record designation.

With a focus on providing cloud-based RESTful APIs, this partnership is built for digital forward businesses that seek to scale. Offerings from this partnership are designed to evolve as clients’ needs mature and can accommodate companies ranging from early-stage startups seeking a low-cost offering, to professional trading institutions requiring comprehensive real-time data.

“We are delighted to partner with QUODD to meet the financial market data needs of our diverse customer base and improve the investor experience,” says Dustin Kirkland, Chief Product Officer at Apex Fintech Solutions. “QUODD’s flexible licensing, affordable pricing and Vendor of Record capabilities enable us to seamlessly scale our solution set.”

“The future of fintech is being pioneered by companies who are leveraging the latest technology to provide a unique digital experience,” says Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “We are proud to fuel the various market data needs for innovators like Apex and their clients who are enabling cutting-edge user experiences.”

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Proprietary Market Data Now Available via Amazon Web Services

Investments in QUODD’s technology stack allows for greater distribution of Daily Bond Fund and Money Market Interest Rates Data

QUODD Financial Information Services (“QUODD”), a business unit of Financeware, a NewSpring Holdings platform company, has announced that its proprietary data set of Daily Bond Fund and Money Market Interest Rates, QUODD Funds, is now available via Amazon Web Services (AWS). This increased distribution comes on the heels of QUODD’s investments in its technology team and digital innovation enhancements for the front, middle and back-office wealth ecosystem.

“Our client’s businesses have grown considerably and their data needs continue to be more complex and varied, says Justin Van Til, QUODD’s SVP of Product and Strategy. “We created our proprietary QUODD Funds in a consolidated csv format, obtained directly from the fund companies, so customers can easily absorb one data format into their applications and integrate it seamlessly into their core operational workflow.”

“We’re proud to partner with AWS to increase the distribution of our high quality, proprietary mutual fund content to the entire fintech and wealth management space,” says David Kirk, CTO of QUODD. “This is another milestone in our vision of providing our clients access to market data in varied delivery models at a cost-effective price point”.

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QUODD’s Market Data Fuels the Digital Experience for Online Trading Platform, iFlip

QUODD Financial Information Services (“QUODD”), a business unit of Financeware, a NewSpring Holdings platform company, announces a key data provider partnership in the online trading space. This partnership combines QUODD’s comprehensive offering of real-time market data with iFlip’s AI technology to fuel the next frontier of fintech innovation.

The rise of online trading platforms is democratizing consumer access to the market. Providers are choosing flexible data providers like QUODD to help reduce total cost of ownership. “Our product relies on AI technology to give our investors an edge to optimize their wealth and reduce their risk,” says Kelly Korshak, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of iFlip. “We chose QUODD as our data partner because they value innovation by offering flexible data formats to meet our evolving needs.”

“The continued growth of the fintech application space aligns itself nicely with QUODD’s mission of providing market data fuel that is easy to access and cost-effective,” says Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “We are very excited to partner with this cutting-edge platform and look forward to playing a part in their success.”

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