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QUODD offers the widest coverage available for cloud-based financial data. QUODD can be your single source for real-time, delayed, historical and reference data. From global exchange pricing to equity fundamentals, we provide the data needed to power your front, middle and back office solutions.

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Digital Platform

QX Digital Platform

Digital access to the highest quality and cost-effective global security pricing, reference data, corporate actions, and analytics across all asset classes.

Global Delayed Stock Quotes API

Global Quotes

Provides delayed stock quotes for global equities.

End of Day and Historical Stock Quotes API

Global Historical

Provides historical stock quotes and closing prices for global equities.

Global Equity Fundamentals API

FactSet Fundamentals

Provides fundamentals, financial statements & ratios on global companies.

Real-Time and Historical Currency Exchange Rates API

Global Currencies

Provides real-time and historical quotes for currency exchange rates (FX).

Crypto Quotes and News API


Provides real-time and historical pricing for aggregated or exchange specific prices for crypto currencies across 200+ crypto exchanges.

Global Fund Fundamental Data API

Global Fund Fundamentals

Provides fundamental data for global funds.

U.S. Mutual Funds Net Asset Value (NAV) API


Provides historical and end-of-day NAVs for U.S. mutual funds.

Global ETFs Fundamentals API

Global ETFs

Provides ETFs Fundamentals data for US and Global Equities.

Security Master for Global Equities, Bonds and Derivatives

Global Master

Provides security master data for instruments listed on global exchanges.

Global Corporate Actions API

Global Corporate Actions

Provides corporate actions data for US and Global Equities.

Global Real-Time Quotes API

Global Real Time

Provides real-time stock quotes for global equities.

Logos API


Provides logos for companies and fund families.

Global ESG API

Global ESG

Provides information on the Environmental, Social, and Governance factors of a company.

Global delayed derivatives and commodity future price quotes API

Global Futures

Provides real-time stock quotes for global equities.

The Smart API

Super Quotes

Provides super quotes, susceptible to Kryptonite.

BATS Exchange Real-Time Stock Quotes API

BATS Real-Time

Provides CBOE real-time stock quotes for U.S. equities.

NASDAQ Last Sale and Real-Time Quotes API

NASDAQ Last Sale

Provides Nasdaq real-time last sale information for U.S. equities.

Global Earnings Estimates and Reccomendations API

Factset Estimates

Provides FactSet global equity analyst estimates and recommendations.

Real-Time and Historical Metal Price Quotes API

Global Metals

Provides real-time precious metals and coin prices.

Global Delayed Options Quotes API

Global Options

Provides delayed options price quotes for global equity options.

Global Options Security Master API

Global Options Master

Provides basic security information for global options

Global Real-Time Future Price Quotes API

Global Real Time Futures

Provides real-time futures price quotes from global commodity exchanges.

Real-Time Equity Option Quotes API

Global Real Time Options

Provides real-time options price quotesfor global equity options.

Delayed Indices Benchmark Data API

Global Indices

Provides delayed index values for global indices.

Historical Indices Benchmark Data API

Global Indices Historical

Provides historical index values for global indices.

Real-Time Indices Benchmark Data API

Global Indices Real Time

Provides real-time index values for global indices.

Delayed U.S. Corporate Bonds Prices API


Provides U.S. corporate and agency bond price data.

Global Corporate, Treasury and Agency Bonds Reference Data

Bond Master

Provides global bond reference data.

Current and Historical Benchmark Interest Rates API


Provides current & historical benchmark interest rates for global markets.

Global Interbank Rates API


Provides global interbank interest rates and official BBA LIBOR.

Real-Time Interest and Rates API

Money Markets

Provides real-time and historical U.S. tswap and forward rates.

Security Master for U.S. Municipal Bond Data API

Municipal Bond Master

Provides U.S. municipal bonds basic security information.

Financial and Economic News Headlines API

Global News

Provides U.S. financial, economic and business news headlines.

Finanical Center Hours, Settlement Dates and Calendar API

Global Holidays

Provides operating hours and settlement dates for global financial centers.

Global Companies Earnings Calendar API

Earnings Calendar

Provides earnings calendar and corporate event data for NA companies.

IPO Calendar and Performance Data API


Provides U.S. IPO calendar and post-IPO performance data.

U.S. SEC EDGAR Filings


Provides links to corporate information from U.S. SEC Edgar database.

Bond Trades Reported on FINRA TRACE File

Bonds File

Provides FINRA TRACE traded prices for corporate and agency debt bonds.

Hourly Currency Exchange Rates File

Global Currencies File

Provides closing prices for global currencies pairs.

End-of-Day Prices for Global Equities File

Global Historical File

Provides EOD prices and trading volume for global exchange instruments.

End-Of-Day Prices for Global Options File

Global Options File

Provides EOD prices for North American and European traded option.

Stock and Crypto Alerts Advanced API

Cloud Alerts

Provides functionality for creating market event alerts.

Streaming Quotes Advanced API


Provides functionality to stream quotes directly to application.

Front-office specialized data feed service

Equity+ Securities Workstation

Coverate of all major North American Exchanges with analytics and charting tools​
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