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Your Pricing and Reference Solution Should Offer:

Data to power your back office - Market Data Terminal - QuoddData to power your back office

Support to keep you running - Live Market Data by QuoddSupport to keep you running

Flexible licensing - Financial Software Companies - QuoddFlexible licensing




File-Based Delivery of End-of-Day Data

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Benefits of QUODD’s Pricing and Reference Data

Global Coverage

Need international data? We’ve got you covered

End-of-Day or Intraday

Get data when you need it

Affordable Pricing

Competitively priced to make it easy on your budget

Customizable Delivery

Highly customizable for exactly what you need

Best-in-Class Support

Get personalized support from a team of data experts to help you meet your goals

Flexible Licensing

Cater to your preferred commercial model

Global Coverage for Fixed Income

Provided in partnership with IHS Markit

Sovereign and Corporate Bonds

Securitized Instruments

Municipal Bonds

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Get the data you need, when you need it,
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Our data experts will review your situation to find the right real-time data solution for you

Step 2. Testing & Trial

A thorough testing period ensures the data meets your business requirements

Step 3. Seamless Setup

Our team works hand-in-hand with yours to get you data access quickly and easily

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