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Master Data for 1.4 Million Instruments

Security Master &
Reference Data APIs

Xignite offers several master and reference data APIs that provide security master data for a wide range of exchange-traded instruments including equities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), depository receipts, derivatives, bonds, money market funds, U.S. mutual funds and other exchange traded structured products. With a broad coverage spanning more than 200 global markets, these master data APIs provide issuer, instrument and security level information for more than 1.5 million active instruments.

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Security Master Reference Data APIs

Master Data

Provides security master data for instruments listed on global exchanges.

Provides global corporate bonds master data.

Provides U.S. municipal bonds master data.

Provides master data for global options.

Provides corporate actions data for stock splits, mergers and acquisitions and more.


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Request a Demo of
our Master Data

Test our APIs and see for yourself just how easy it is to integrate financial data into your applications. 

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Vendor of Record Services (VOR)

QUODD can simplify the administration and reporting required by exchanges and may eliminate the need to pay redistribution fees, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a month.

Learn More about VoR

QUODD is approved to redistribute real-time and delayed equities and options pricing data these exchanges:

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Depository Receipts


Options Structured Products

Money Market Funds

US Mutual Funds

Security Master Data



Sector and Industry Classification

Issuers/Securities Hierarchy

Terms and Conditions(Bonds)

New Listings

Identifier Changes

1.5M Instruments

200 Exchanges

Over 200K Corporate and Agency Bond Issues

3.4M Muni Bonds

50 APIs



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Data Sources

We collect and curate our security master information from a variety of sources including exchanges, the SEC and data vendors.

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Unique Security Master and Reference Data API Features


  • Broad Coverage

    Some of our fund APIs cover not only ETFs and mutual funds but also fund types such as closed end funds, separate accounts/collective investment trusts, variable annuity underlying funds, and hedge funds. Even country specific fund types are covered. You can access 1400+ fundamental types for over 290,000 funds globally with a single API interface.

  • Multi-Identifier Support

    You can make sure you always pull the right data by calling our equity APIs using symbols, ISIN, CUSIP, SEDOL and other industry-standard identifiers.

  • Security Master Hierarchy

    Xignite equity APIS provide the typical bid, ask, last and volume information, and also provide more detailed information, such as the time, size and venue for the last trade, bid and ask if applicable to a given market.

  • Alternative Data Sources

    Xignite APIs can support different exchange sources depending on your needs. Some exchanges are more suitable for media-type display, while others are more suited to trading applications.

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Advanced API Delivery

QUODD offers several advanced APIs that provide additional delivery options to our suite of market indices APIs.

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Cloud Streaming

Stream live stock quotes to a server or directly to mobile and web devices, with just a few lines of code and no infrastructure.

Cloud Alerts

Better engage your clients with easy-to-implement real-time stock alerts for price, volume, and other events.

Cloud Search

Give users auto-complete or type-ahead search suggestions for stock symbols, fundamental types, and more.

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